India is a country known for its rich culture, history and religious diversity. Looking back into the history of the Earth, India is probably one of the oldest civilizations to exist on the planet. With its large resources, experiences, brain power and a massive man power; it has all the potentials to be a super power on the Earth surface. But it’s surprising to see that this very same India seems to be acting like a one year old baby; trying to stand up but falling miserably and continuing to crawl. But the only problem here is: the baby is not one year old; on the contrary it’s older than you could possibly guess. So old that, you get a feeling it’s the age that’s creating the issue. Like a stubborn old man on a wheel chair trying to prove that he got his youth still in him.

On closer inspection we come to realize that it’s neither the one year old nor the old man; but a 30-40 year old obese man. So obese that it takes ages to respond to things happening around and it always tends to fall with the slightest unevenness. And like mentioned earlier; when it fall it acts like a one year old and starts crawling or like an old man, tries to prove his mettle. In one look it gives a picture that ‘India is imbalanced’.

From past few weeks all around me I see and feel a sigh of hopelessness. Hopelessness created unnecessarily. The hullabaloo over the Common Wealth Game and everything pertaining to that is being talked, read and seen all over.

The media is turning out to be a major reality show of blame game. The phrase dignified journalism is out of picture. All that matters is the race; the race to report without remorse. They don’t know where to draw a line. Everything is done to raise their ratings. Blabbering and broadcasting the same news, video-clips and pictures over and over again, making it a cliché. Blowing out of proportion is given a new dimension. And the more important and necessary news is not being given importance.

The heights of this madness can be seen at any gatherings; where a group of people talking together got something to tell about these issues. Everyone got his/her side of the story. Whom to believe? What to believe? The questioning session will never end.

Being born into a family that has seen a good amount of architects and civil engineers; I’m the third generation engineer. And all through my childhood I’ve grown up seeing, understanding and listening to what these engineers have done and what has happened at their field of work. So with that background I guess few pieces of the false-ceiling tiles falling off is not a big issue as it could only be due to a few weak screws. And I think we should give them a slack there. For a common man it could be seen as a major problem; but as far as a construction work is considered it’s just a minor glitch and I hope they have taken all necessary steps to prevent further incidents.

Or the fact that a newly constructed structure; which has a massive temporary roofing or aluminium/fibre roofing; sprout a leak here and there is agreeable to an extent. It’s only after a rain can they really find out where it is leaking because the climatic conditions of India aren’t like that of other parts of the world. The rains in India are so extreme that even a small lapse in the work will be punished heavily by the rain.

The foot bridge collapsing was an unfortunate event. With all the other issues this one just blew out. Funny thing to be noted is it wasn’t a completed foot bridge. This one was being constructed and that resulted in the high casualty. And only god alone knows what went wrong.

The news about over 50 laborers dying when working for CWG projects seems to be a bit too exaggerated. The fact that construction company owners do exploit the laborers is very evident. But over 50 deaths is an indigestible fact. If that piece of information is found true then the construction companies have to be taken to task.

What a majority of people don’t understand is the city of New Delhi is witnessing one of the worst floods in its history. River Yamuna is flowing way above its highest point. The low lying areas of Delhi are in waters and there are people dying and going missing. And no one is bothered about that. But everyone is bothered about the water that remained in the basements of the CWG village after the flood water was pumped out. This is the irony of the story. Which city that recovered from its worst floods in its recent history, and has been able to organize a mega event like this? I don’t think there is any. The two weeks when it rained and flooded the city, nothing much constructive was done. But still people like to do the blame game.

Being an Indian I have seen all through my life the rate at which insects multiply during the monsoon. That means the mosquitoes also increase. Also the insects found in the swimming pools too are unavoidable. They just swarm the place and do the damage. And I guess the organizing committee is doing everything necessary to check this menace.

Above all this issues our very own elected representatives proclaim what Indian standards are. As far as I know chewing paan and spitting wherever one wishes to, is neither my standard nor my culture. As a matter of fact I can guarantee that no sensible Indian will ever want to associate himself/herself with such a degrading practice. If cigarettes are injurious to health then chewing paan is more injurious. I’m quite sure that if a person was to spit paan in these minister’s houses they would have literally thrown that person out. Then how could they ever say something so outrageous. They are literally defaming this nation, its pride, values and its people. A defamation case must be filed against them. Also stray dogs walking all over ones bed and dirtying it, is a question for hygiene? Come on who are you kidding? That is not the hygiene of any Indian. Sorry to be using this example but still; a beggar on the street won’t let a dog sleep near him and what did the minister mean by; “My standard of hygiene and their standard of hygiene differs. The Indian standard of hygiene may not be good enough for them.” And no Indian will ever support such a degrading explanation. It may be politically incorrect to use this term yet I have to use it; “What a moron they are….” What they have said is unjustifiable.

If all that was not enough The Government of India has got some tolerance. When the Iranian president made a remark stating, USA brought on the 9/11 incident to raise their falling economy the American government retaliated and verbally expressed their disapproval. But in case of our Indian counterparts they are still silent on all the remarks the Prime Minister and Olympic Committee Chairman of Australia had to say. In the Prime Minister’s blatant speech she openly criticized the Indian security measures and how New Delhi is the harbor of terrorism, with over 12 terrorist attacks from 2000 to 2010. This is coming from the Prime Minister of a country that has not been able to check racism, forget terrorism. In the last one year if I’m correct there have been more than 10 to 15 racial attacks on just Indians. And it would be interesting to note what her comments would be when the time comes for her to send a contingent of players to London to participate in the 2012 Olympics. As far as I know city of London has seen a lot of terrorism in the last decade; truth be told I’ve nothing against London. Will she have a fear to send her sportsmen/women? I don’t think so. By the looks of it’s an open racial attack without anyone realizing it actually, a prejudiced feeling toward my people to be precise. I have nothing against Australia or Australians. I have a lot of family and friends there and they love the place and love the people there. And I’m quite sure a majority of the Australians are really good. But like the adage goes, here and there a few can spoil the whole bunch. Also a word with the Australian cricket team which has spend a lot of time in India will tell one about their feeling toward this country, India. How their security and how their well being is been taken care of.

Indians are to be blamed for this entire situation. There is a huge divide in the country over conducting of the CWG in India in the first place. What I don’t understand is why such a furore over this? South Africa; being a smaller country with lesser resources; been able to conduct a mega event, The FIFA 2010, then why not India? Is India so incapable of doing that? I don’t think so. One may say this country got more pressing issues than conducting games, then why waste all its resources for this? It’s true that India got more pressing issues, so does all the other countries which have to take up any such events. These events are conducted to let people around the globe know the situation in these countries and also showcase its diversities. And this is the 19th games and India is hosting it for the first time; that itself should speak volumes as to where India stands. Recently I happened to read a status update in ‘facebook’: “C(ommon man’s) W(ealth) G(one).” That was so ignorant, just categorizing the whole games into taking away the common man’s wealth. Yes, I do agree to the fact that corruption is at its highest in this game. And Indians proved that they can do corruption not just in their country but also in other countries. It’s so corrupt that it’s surprising to see how the Government of India revised the CWG estimates 114 times from its time of conceptualization. That is some number. But still everything has to go on. CWG sham was exposed, how many have gone unnoticed? God alone knows…..

And has the Government of India gone nuts? Everyone knows how sensitive the Ayodhya verdict is. Then why the hell is the government letting it out on 28th? Is this some kind of twisted sense of humor?

This all brings us back to the questions: What happened to her? Why is my country, India, in such a plight? What is going wrong? Why is it going wrong? Who is doing it wrong? And the questions continue….. It’s a long chain of questions. The answer to which is pretty difficult to find. But as an Indian who cares to what happens to his/her country I guess all of us are responsible to find an answer and help her get into a shape, shedding all that fat. We should step up and do what is right and like the saying goes don’t show your patriotism to Indian only when India is playing a cricket match or India is waging a war. Let’s make a difference!!!

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